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What We Do

What is CrossFit?
Why Rock Jungle CrossFit?
How do I start?

RJF West End Hours

  • Mon - Fri9:30am - 11pm
  • Sat8am - 10pm
  • Sun & Holidays10am - 8pm

First Time?

Rock Jungle CrossFit offers classes for all ages and abilities.  Sign up online or contact us for more information

CrossFit Classes

CrossFit Classes

  • All classes are scaled to individual abilities
  • Full body warm up and strength work
  • Workouts can be modified to meet individual’s needs
  • Prerequisite: RJCF CrossFit Fundamentals or Evaluation
More Info
Free CrossFit Lite Classes

Free CrossFit Lite Classes

  • No experience needed
  • Every saturday at 11:30am (except long weekends)
  • Please arrive 10min early
Crossfit Fundamentals

Crossfit Fundamentals

  • Introduction to CrossFit Movement, Classes and Expectations
  • Covers major lifting movements used in our CrossFit classes
  • Offered at West End the first weekend (Sat and Sun) of every month