Welcome to Rock Jungle CrossFit.

Come by our West End or Downtown locations and see what CrossFit is all about!

What We Do

What is CrossFit?
Why Rock Jungle CrossFit?
How do I start?

First Time?

Rock Jungle CrossFit offers classes for all ages and abilities.  Sign up online or contact us for more information

Crossfit Fundamentals

Crossfit Fundamentals

  • Introduction to CrossFit Movement, Classes and Expectations
  • Covers major lifting movements used in our CrossFit classes
  • Available at both West End and Downtown locations
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CrossFit Classes

CrossFit Classes

  • All classes are scaled to individual abilities
  • Full body warm up and strength work
  • Workouts can be modified to meet individual’s needs
  • Prerequisite: RJCF CrossFit Fundamentals or Evaluation
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Free CrossFit Lite Classes

Free CrossFit Lite Classes

  • No experience needed
  • Every saturday at 11:30am (except long weekends)
  • Available at West End and Downtown locations
  • Please arrive 10min early

RJF West End Hours

  • Mon - Fri9:30am - 11pm
  • Sat8am - 10pm
  • Sun & Holidays10am - 8pm

RJCF Downtown Hours

  • Mon - Fri6am - 7am, 12pm - 1pm, 4:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Sat10:30am - 1pm
  • Sun & HolidaysClosed