The Story of Rock Jungle CrossFit

Nicole and I have spent our whole lives being active. Playing sports as kids evolved into specializing in Competitive Climbing for me and Competitive Equestrian Jumping for Nicole. As we got older and less competitive, we began to spend more time at “the gym” in order to maintain and build strength and endurance. As it often goes, the gym got boring and it was harder to go to the gym and our workouts often lacked inspiration. Things changed for us when I heard about this new form of fitness called CrossFit. CrossFit promised to be fun, interesting and effective. They didn’t lie; we haven’t stepped foot in a “gym”, or done a “traditional” workout since. (Traditional workouts were mostly some type of weight routine and a tiny bit of cardio for me and an hour plus of cardio and a bit of weight training for Nicole).

It was a bit tough to convince Nicole to start doing CrossFit as she googled it and immediately thought, “It’s only guys that do it”. We learned more and found that, indeed, women were into CrossFit, but now Nicole was afraid to look too “bulky”. After looking into it more, she learned that women have to train very specifically to get an extremely muscular body, so she was finally game to give it a go and she fell in love immediately. Nicole and I both got way stronger in our lifting, gymnastic movements and cardio. Nicole was even happier after 6 months because she “got better results CrossFitting three times a week than she got in years of going to ‘the gym’ training 5-6 days per week!”

For our first year of doing CrossFit, we trained with a highly experienced Olympic Lifter so we would learn correct form and technique with the Olympic Lifts (Clean & Jerk, and Snatch). We did CrossFit workouts out in our garage while we were in the process of opening our West End facility, Rock Jungle Fitness. We loved CrossFit so much and couldn’t imagine RJF without it, so we got certified to start coaching! We wanted to show people that there was another way of working out that was fun, challenging, and interesting – and that anybody could do it!

RJF CrossFit opened with the objective to first train people to have impeccable technique and mobility before progressing into lifting heavier and faster. This philosophy has kept our clients safe and injury free and always progressing towards their goals, save those who do not listen to our coaching. By focusing on ability and not aesthetics, the body becomes stronger, more functional and, finally, more beautiful. Our clients say that they feel better in their daily activities and that they are more confident as people!

As we continued to grow at RJF, people kept asking us about our plans to open other locations. Seeing that there was a large void downtown for people to experience CrossFit, we started looking and lucked out finding the ideal space! We are looking forward to building a great, new community downtown and exposing many more people the countless benefits of CrossFit!