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The yin practice is a slow-paced style of yoga in which poses (Asana) are held for several minutes. By deepening the breath in each posture we allow our muscles to fully relax and can concentrate on exploring our connective tissues, increasing our mobility and moving towards deeper dimensions.

*Suitable for beginners or experienced students.


Yang-Yin yoga is a two part practice that begins with an easy flow and moves secondly into a Yin style yoga.  The first part of this class prepares your body and mind for the second half by focusing on the breath and warming the muscles, getting them ready for release in the Yin portion.  The second half of this practice will be as described under Yin.

*Suitable for beginners and experienced students

Ashtanga Flow

Ashtanga is one of the oldest varieties of yoga still practiced. This classic flow will use sequences that have been practiced for thousands of years, as well as incorporating challenging new poses.  A class that will surely get you moving and sweating.

*A more challenging class suitable for students with some prior yoga experience

CrossFit Yin

imilar to the regular YIN class but with poses focusing on the areas of the body worked on during that days CrossFit classes. Not just for CrossFitters though!! can be attended as a regular YIN class as well.

*Suitable for beginners and experienced students (and CrossFitters!!)