CrossFit, Climbing, Yoga, Gymnastics

Dan offers personal programming as well as individual and small group coaching sessions to help individuals progress in CrossFit. 

Dan is a former Phys Ed teacher that wanted to put his passion for climbing and athletics towards creating a world-class climbing and fitness facility. Dan first tried rock climbing at the age of 14 and was instantly in love. Over the years, he has become one of the most experienced World Cup competition climbers in Canada. Dan has competed for the National Team in countries like Italy, France and Germany placing as high as 9th place in competitions. Dan uses his extensive training knowledge and competition experience as the Junior Team Head Coach. When Dan first tried practicing yoga, about 10 years ago, he realized that it was not only an overall beneficial activity both physically and mentally but that it was also very complimentary to rock climbing. Dan became a certified Ashtanga Instructor and has been teaching since 2009. Dan had always spent time in the weight room but found it somewhat boring and often ineffective. The last piece of what has become Rock Jungle Fitness fell into place in 2010 when Dan began following CrossFit. Again, Dan realized that this was the final component to the ultimate combination of fitness, being that the 3 elements enhance and compliment each other. Dan and Nicole became certified CrossFit Trainers in 2011 and are really excited to include it in their facility.

  • $80/hour

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